Highland Meadows Church wants to bless other ministries that spread the love of Christ through service and evangelism. In addition to the local outreach to our area, we support the following ministries and missionaries:

World Missions

Jimmy & Priscilla Abrams – Tanzania
John & Shawn Alderman – Belgium
Nathan & Christine Alfaro- Nicaragua
Gaylord & Fredna Brown – Kenya/East Africa
Bryan & Kim Burr – Kenya
Robert & Noemi Caiazzo – Nicaragua
Russ & Sarah Farhoud- Lesotho
Adam & Alecia Fogleman – South Africa
Bob & Chrissy Godwin- Estonia
Brian & Ruthie Gomez – Spain
David & Christy Hunt- Latin America Caribbean
Mike & Anita James – Wales
Don & Cyndie Jeter – Global University
Aaron & Nanette Koepp- France
Robert & Edith LaFon – AGWM Administrators
John & Adriana Lungu- Moldova
Duane & Julia Martin – Mexico
Brandon & Melissa Newman – Scotland
Randy & Tessa Payne- Kenya
Sharon Reeves – Germany
Drew & Haley Sellers – Cambodia
Bryan & Renee Webb – Vanuatu
Brandy Wilson – International Ministries
Africa/Middle East- 1 Missionary, 1 Missionary Family, 3 Missionary Couples
Northern Asia People Groups- 1 Missionary Family
Peninsular Asia- 2 Missionaries, 1 Missionary Family

U.S. Missions

John & Kathy Deisher- Chi Alpha Student Ministries- Oklahoma State University
Mike McGee- U.S. Church Planting & Development/Revival
Matthew & Fariba Salar- U.S. Intercultural Ministries

Home Missions

Adult & Teen Challenge of Dallas
Calvary Commission
Dallas Metro Ministry
Forgiven Felons Ministry
Ft. Worth Metro Ministry
Ft. Worth Teen Challenge
North Ellis County Outreach Center
Pleasant Hills Children’s Home
Rest Stop Ministries
The Genesis Center