What you will find at Highland Meadows Church

Relaxed Atmosphere: Our church is a place where you can come just as you are. In our worship services, you will feel comfortable dressed casual or all dressed up. Our desire is that you experience the love and power of Jesus Christ in our services.
Contemporary Worship: Expressive worship and entering into the presence of God is priority in our services. Our worship time is meant for you to be free to express your love and thanks to the Lord with your whole heart.
Friendly Environment: There is an extended time of greeting and fellowship in our services. Small groups and other social opportunities are provided so that friendships can be created and deepened.
Spirit Filled Services: Our services are Spirit filled and Spirit led. We desire to experience God’s presence and His gifts, minister to needs, and speak His word with power.
Challenging Messages: We believe that every Christian should be growing both in love and as a witness for the Lord. Our messages are meant to challenge your Christian walk, deepen your faith, and encourage you to be a witness to those around you.
Ministry to All: At our church we value all age groups. We are committed to ministering to children, teenagers, single adults, couples, and senior saints. Our ministries are designed to make sure that anyone that attends our church will find personal ministry.
Small Groups: Everyone is designed to experience life with a small group of friends. We offer many opportunities for people of every age group to become part of a small group in our church.
Community Involvement/Outreach: We desire to be a Christian influence to our community by having our members involved in activities outside of the church. We promote outreach opportunities in order to touch the lives and needs of those throughout the area.